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The dog food business is ever popular. People love their dogs and they want to ensure that their pets are with them for as long as possible. One way to make certain that animals live longer lives is by providing proper nutrition. Opening a business that delivers healthy nutrition for pets is ideal for many reasons.

The inception of food for dogs is not new by any means. Centuries ago, people fed their pets scraps. In fact, the canine-human bond is fundamentally based on food. People fed the animals their scraps and in turn the dogs protected the family. This practical relationship grew into an unbreakable bond that has truly stood the test of time.

Creating a commercial dog food business is a relatively old concept as well. As people grew to love their animals more deeply, mere scraps were no longer acceptable as a means of proper nutrition. A man named James Spratt developed the first commercial product for feeding dogs in London around 1860.

Spratt’s “dog cake” was inexpensive to make and just as inexpensive for consumers to buy. This product was made of all natural ingredients, ensuring that the pets were well taken care of in regards to their nutritional needs. This gave pet owners a feeling of elation in knowing that they were giving their pets something worthy in return for their love and companionship.

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Over the years, the commercial industries that produce food for pets have fallen short of Spratt’s initial intention. The inventor of the dog cake used prime ingredients including vegetables, meat, beetroot and wheat meals. There was nothing artificial in the product and nothing harmful, either.

The same cannot be said for today’s large corporation pet foods. The life expectancy for a dog is typically between twenty-five and thirty years. Unfortunately, many pets live only an average of thirteen years. Some consider their sources of nutrition to be a significant factor in this. This is why many are turning to products that are more like James Spratt’s dog cake.

Holistic pet food is the contemporary version of the all natural nutritional products for dogs that were popular with the inception of the first business that revolved around feeding animals. This lucrative field is growing in popularity as people are losing faith in the large corporation pet food industry.

It has never been a better time to invest in a small business that is dedicated to providing people-grade nutrition to our beloved animals. There is ample opportunity for success in this field and you do not have to quit your day job in order to start your own home based pet home business.

The process is quite simple if you have the Internet as a resource. There are no specialized degrees necessary for you to begin your venture, no inventory to keep and no paperwork. The drive to ensure that our canine companions live long, happy lives has bonded many animal lovers to and many are willing to help you achieve your dream of opening your own dog food business.

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